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Paddle Trips: We provide all equipment (canoes and/or kayaks, paddles, life jackets, dry bags, helmets). Transport of equipment and your driver(s) shuttle is included. Most of our paddle trips are on various sections of Spring Creek or Bald Eagle Creek and take 3-4 hours.

Rentals: If you do not need our transport of equipment services or driver(s) shuttle services, you can rent canoes, kayaks, and any other paddle sport equipment and you transport. You must have a vehicle and or trailer capable of transporting the items you will be renting. You can take our rental equipment to any destination and for any number of days.

TMO has no minimum age requirement. Minors must be accompanied by some one over the age of 21. That person is responsible for the well being of any minors that are on the paddle trip with them and should know the paddling and self rescue skills of the minor. Any one that is going to be paddling will not need to be an expert paddler but will need to be physically capable of handling the watercraft on their own and be able to swim in a swift current and self rescue.

A person must be at least 14 years of age and have the paddling skills to paddle one of our solo canoes, kayaks, or SUPs. A person under age 14 must paddle with an adult in one of our two person canoes or kayaks. We understand that people of any age may or may not have the paddling and self rescue skills needed to paddle a canoe, kayak or SUP. We reserve the right to pick the watercraft and the section of waterway we will allow you to paddle with our rental equipment.

If you want TMO to organize an outing with our transportation or you want to come and pick up equipment for your own adventure call us to schedule your outing or rentals. You may schedule a paddling trip or rental any day of the week or weekend.

Spring Creek or Bald Eagle Creek Outings

Tussey Mountain Outfitters is located along Spring Creek in Bellefonte. Spring Creek flows into the Bald Eagle Creek at Milesburg. The Bald Eagle Creek flows into Foster Joseph Sayers Reservoir (Bald Eagle State Park). Come and take a paddle down Spring Creek or the Bald Eagle Creek. TMO provides a number of options for outings on both these streams.

Both streams are in a picturesque rural setting. Spring Creek is very swift in spots and you should have some swift water paddling and rescue skills. The Bald Eagle Creek is less demanding but is still swift in spots. There are many different species of birds including Bald Eagles, Ospreys, Kingfishers, Blue Herons, and many migratory bird species. Trout fishing is excellent on both streams. Bass fishing is great on parts of the Bald Eagle Creek. Stop at historic Curtin Village Ironworks along the way to have a picnic.

If you have the paddling skills you can start your adventure at our shop and paddle down Spring Creek (1.8 miles) and continue down the Bald Eagle Creek. We suggest paddling to Dowdy’s Hole Access on the Bald eagle Creek (5.5 miles). Total trip time is 3-4 hours.

If you are inexperienced at paddling on streams that are very swift you may want to start your adventure just below where Spring Creek meets the Bald Eagle Creek in Milesburg. We would suggest paddling to the Bullit Run Access where the Bald Eagle State Park begins (7 miles) Total trip time is 3-4 hours.

Other Paddling Destinations

There are many paddling opportunities in Central Pa. If you need info on streams, and lakes that are good destinations for paddling give us a call. We will try and help you with details on these. Some of these destinations we can do transport of equipment and driver shuttles. Some of these destinations we only provide the equipment for you to rent. You must transport the equipment yourself. You will need a vehicle and or trailer capable of hauling the equipment.

Local Waterway Destinations and Mileages

Bald Eagle Creek

Milesburg to Curtin Village 3.7
Curtin Village to Mount Eagle 1.8
Mount Eagle to Dowdy’s Hole 1.5
Dowdy’s Hole to Bullit Run 1.5
Bullit Run to Upper Greens Run 1.2
Upper to Lower Greens Run 1.2
Lower Greens Run to Hunter Cove 2.6
Eagleville to Mill Hall 7.5

West Branch Susquehanna

Shawville to Deer Creek 14.8
Deer Creek to Rolling Stone 5.4
Rolling Stone to Karthaus 11.1
Karthaus to Keating 25.6
Keating to Renovo 13.6
Renovo to Rt. 120 6.7
Rt. 120 to Farrandsville 20.8
Farrandsville to Lock Haven 2.5

Penns Creek

Spring Mills to Coburn 6.3
Coburn to Poe Paddy 6.0
Poe Paddy to Weikert 9.0
Weikert to Glen Iron 6.4

Little Juniata

Tyrone to Spruce Creek 8.5
Spruce Creek to Rt. 305 6.6

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